AASCD 2013 Leadership Grants


Arkansas ASCD, a diverse group of educators, is dedicated to the development and support of leadership and best practices in curriculum, instruction, assessment and supervision that ensures success for all learners.

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The AASCD Leadership Grants are offered to support public school teachers, and curriculum or building level leaders, for one of the following two purposes:


     Grants for small group participation in high quality professional development experiences, such as summer institutes, action research, mentoring experiences for faculty or staff new to leadership positions.

     Grants for school-wide professional development


All professional development must improve practice, curriculum and student achievement.  “One-shot” professional growth experiences, such as attending a national conference or engaging a professional speaker for a one time performance are discouraged.  Decisions regarding the content of the professional growth activities must be based on careful needs analysis.  Grant funds may be used for fees, books or other materials that enable applicants to learn the desired subject matter.  Recipients are required to demonstrate how they will exercise professional leadership by sharing their new learning with colleagues (possibly at Summer Conference),



Amount : $1,000 for small group projects or $2,000 for school-wide proposals.



Restrictions:  Grant funds may NOT be used to :


     Pursue degrees;

     Pay indirect costs, grant administration fees, or salaries or

     Support travel costs or conference fees for more than one person


Please adhere to the following submission instructions. Failure to comply with these instructions will disqualify the application.

All proposals must be submitted to the AASCD Office no later than  May 15th by 5:00 p.m.


Applicant: The applicant will be the AASCD’s contact person for award notification, reporting, publicity, and other grant-related activities. Applications missing lead applicant data will not be considered.


The narrative must address the following items:

      Provide a summary of no more than two pages, double spaced, 12 font, describing your proposed work. Please write in a manner in which you would be comfortable allowing AASCD to use your information on its website to describe your project.

      Describe the professional development plan. What are your goals in this learning? What learning resources do you plan to use?

      How, when, and where will the learning be accomplished? (Please be aware of the date of grant announcement. Any project taking place prior to the announcement will automatically be removed from consideration. Grant announcement dates can be found here.)

      How does the proposed professional development advance your professional goals? How does it advance your workplace goals?

      What is the need for this professional development? How did you and your colleagues assess the need? Please define need in terms of both student need and professional need by the applicant(s).

      How will this project continue beyond the grand period? How will you continue sharing the knowledge gained in this project? Describe sharing in relation to your colleagues, students, and administrators.

Provide a line item budget for the proposed work. Your request must total either $1,000 for a small group project or $2,000 for a school-wide project. Identify any additional support (cash or in-kind) that will be provided by other sources, including those provided by your school or district. Your budget must be in the form of a Word, Excel, or .PDF document. (Note: AASCD suggests that your budget be as cost-efficient as possible. Please ensure that all items are directly related to your proposed work, as your budget will be assessed by how realistic, clear, and frugal it is.)

      Proposed learning is high quality 

      Proposed learning is directly related to a clear and compelling student need.

      Proposed collegial sharing is interactive and sustained over time.

      Proposed learning is likely to improve student achievement.

      Budget is appropriate to the proposed learning and sharing.

 AASCD may allocate a number of grants based in part on geographic considerations. 

Please submit your grant electronically by 5:00 p.m., May 15th to:

Tiffany Beasley, Vice-President, Arkansas ASCD, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Successful applicants will be presented their award during the Arkansas 2013 AASCD Annual Conference scheduled for Hot Springs, June 9-12.  Please access conference information at www.arkanasascd.org


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