June 11 Key Learnings

Our first New Leaders strand of professional development is in the books! But before we celebrate too much, here’s a recap of the meaningful discussions we had today in Room 204:

Kim Fowler Follow-up

As promised, Kim Fowler, our speaker for "Finding Resources for Your Classroom: Think and Wonder, Wonder and Think," sent out a document detailing the resources she shared during her presentation. Most of these are already included in the "Web Resources" page, but here is her email:

Finding Resources for Your Classroom: Think and Wonder, Wonder and Think Information from AASCD Session for New Leaders


  1. Arkansas Education Service Cooperatives—There are 15 co-ops located in Arkansas. A listing of those co-ops with contact information can be located at http://www.arkansased.org/contact-us/education-service-cooperatives.
  2. Organizations Within the State
    • Arkansas Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development (AASCD)
    • Arkansas Association of Education Administrators and Appropriate Constituent Groups (for administrator)
    • Content Area Groups such as state level math/social studies/ELA, etc.
  3. Arkansas Department of Education Website located at arkansased.org
  4. Arkansas IDEAS website which is located at ideas.aetn.org CCSS resources are located at ideas.aetn.org/commoncore
  5. Common Core Units/Maps located at www.commoncore.org
    Math Units are being posted and are available for download. ELA Units have to be purchased but fee is not exorbitant.
    These maps can provide a beginning point for planning instruction…but planning will need to be tailored to meet the unique needs of classrooms.
  6. Examples of Effective CCSS Lessons can be found at the Teaching Channel located at www.teachingchannel.org
  7. Wide Variety of CCSS Resources at OER Commons website located at www.oercommons.org. This website includes lessons which have been evaluated based on the EQUIP Tri-State Rubric. An explanation of the use of this rubric can be located at the ideas.aetn.org/commoncore website. There are separate explanations for math and English/Language Arts located under each of those subjects.

Presented by Kim Fowler, Teacher Center Coordinator, O.U.R. Education Cooperative

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