At AASCD Annual Conference, all sessions in the New Leaders strand will feature teachers in the first 0-6 years of their careers! Begin making plans to attend in order to network with and support educators like you from across the state.

AASCD is excited to announce the formation of a new professional educator’s group dedicated to serving the needs of new professionals, providing a safe environment and opportunities for professional growth, collaboration, support, and networking. Look for more breaking news about the New Leaders in conjunction with the Annual Conference in June (21-24). The AASCD-NL are looking forward to supporting, networking, and building leadership capacity for any teacher who is in the first through sixth year of teaching.


Develop leadership capacity at the local, state, and national levels within new educators.


AASCD New Leaders empowers new educators to lead, emerge, and develop as professionals.


AASCD New Leaders prepares professionals by addressing the needs of the Whole Educator, providing a safe environment and opportunities for professional growth, collaboration, and networking in order to support the Whole Child.

Who We Are

Affiliated with the Arkansas Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (AASCD), the New Leaders are Arkansas educators and AASCD members with 0 to 6 years of teaching experience. We are excited to be teaching, and we want to encourage and empower one another and become leaders who advance the profession. We offer a strand of professional development at AASCD Annual Conference as a way to invest in the future of AASCD by recognizing the leadership qualities and unique needs of teachers at the beginnings of their careers.


If you are interested in joining the New Leaders, make sure you first join Arkansas ASCD. Membership is $50 per year. There is no additional charge for being a New Leader. Follow us on Twitter @aasdnl to join the community!


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