Welcome to the Arkansas ASCD webpage. We are so glad to have you visit our page and hope you will consider becoming a member. At Arkansas ASCD, we take pride in being a diverse group of educators that focus on the Whole Child. It is our mission to make sure students are healthy, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged. We believe to do so, we, as an organization, must also be diverse in our population of counselors, teachers, administrators, and anyone else who supports students. 

Membership in Arkansas ASCD means making a difference in the lives of students. We advocate for the whole child, playing an active role in legislation that affects our students. We also value professional learning in hopes that we can learn and grow in order to help our students learn and grow as well. We are a working board and have members from around the state of various roles who are continually making Arkansas ASCD the great organization it is. It is because of the awesome membership that we have been able to be a strong partner for education in the state of Arkansas. 
As President and a long-time member, I encourage you to get involved in any way possible. If you are not a member, join this amazing group of passionate educators today! In doing so, you will be joining an amazing organization full of professionals who put students first. 
Amanda Britt, AASCD President



Arkansas ASCD  - Influence and Advocacy Award 2014 - Affiliate Excellence Award 2011