Welcome to Arkansas ASCD, a diverse group of educators, dedicated to the development and support of leadership and best practices in curriculum, instruction,  assessment and supervision that ensures success for all learners.  I am honored to serve as President for our association, having served for many years on this Board with the most incredible educators and leaders from across our state.  Our association has supported national leaders, vision award winning schools and educators and hosted the best of the best at our annual conferences.   

 As a working Board member, I see the continued value of membership and the network that strives to ensure the needs of the whole child are met.  From resources to advocacy, professional development opportunities and ongoing policy development, our diverse membership partners work to create a culture in our state that is innovative and current, personalized and prescriptive to every learning environment, every learner.

As President, I encourage you to continue your efforts to provide learning environments in which students are healthy, safe, engaged, supported and challenged.  If you are not a member...join today and additionally offer to serve in some capacity to support our profession and most importantly our students.  Come “Learn. Teach. Lead” with us and transform your own learning into amazing opportunities for student learning!


 Dr. Andrea Martin

President, Arkansas ASCD



Arkansas ASCD  - Influence and Advocacy Award 2014 - Affiliate Excellence Award 2011