Having a Growth Mindset

It’s almost time to begin the 2015-2016 school year--in fact, I suspect many of you are already well into your planning. I know I’ve been thinking a lot about how to engage my students. How do I develop a true culture for learning where every learner is valued and motivated to succeed?

Last week, I had the incredible honor of attending ASCD’s Leader 2 Leader Conference in Alexandria, VA with a leadership team from Arkansas ASCD. The purpose of the conference was to connect with other ASCD leaders, mostly from other state affiliates. We came together to inspire one another with ideas for the upcoming year. The focus this year was having a GROWTH MINDSET instead of a fixed mindset.

Psychologist Carol Dweck’s research forms the basis for the ideas behind Growth Mindset. The short video below is a great introduction to how having a Growth Mindset can be transformational in getting both students and adults to achieve beyond what they think themselves capable of.

- Caitlin Harris



First Time AASCD Attendee Reflection

What does Arkansas ASCD have to offer teachers? As a first-time Annual Conference attendee, Ashton Fonville (Siloam Springs) had an opportunity to present a session on collaboration as part of the New Leaders, and, in the process, she learned more about what AASCD can do for teachers.

At first glance, one might believe that AASCD is an organization that focuses entirely on curriculum, I mean, it is stated in the acronym as a primary focus. But upon closer observation and actual participation at the AASCD conference in Hot Springs, I discovered that AASCD encompasses the multifarious nature of the education community. Not only did I collaborate and network with teachers, administration, and sponsors from across the state, I also had a chance to attend sessions in which I gleaned vital information to take back to my home district in Siloam Springs. I, along with our school's Literacy Instructional Facilitator, plan to attend the fall conference held in Little Rock so that our PLCs and department meetings reflect some of the important changes that are occurring in the world of education at present time.

We’re so glad Ashton was able to build her network and plug-in to a community of passionate Arkansas educators. We’ll see you at the Fall Forward Conference in September!

Co-Presenters Ashton Fonville and Caitlin Harris


Did you know…?


Though originally known as the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, ASCD officially adopted the acronym as its name in order to be more inclusive of all roles in education.


Planning for Annual Conference 2015

June 21-24 -- 2015 AASCD Annual Conference: Hot Springs Convention Center
Learning from the Past - Designing for the Future

With around three-and-a-half months to go until Annual Conference, the New Leaders are getting ready to host a Planning Workshop at Arkansas Tech University's Center for Leadership and Learning (CLL) in Russellville, AR. In April, the AASCDNL LEAD Team will meet with a few special guests to work on making our strand of professional development engaging and effective.

We'll be asking, "It’s the 21st Century...Do you know where your learners are?"




Arkansas ASCD  - Influence and Advocacy Award 2014 - Affiliate Excellence Award 2011