AASCD Annual Conference kicks off on Sunday, June 8th, at the Hot Springs Convention Center in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Below is a preview of the New Leaders sessions. The conference theme is "To Infinity and Beyond!" but we're starting a little smaller, with the relationships and professionalism of TESS Domain 4: Professional Responsibilities. Our mantra is "You've Got a Friend in Me," and we hope you'll join us as we seek to deepen our understanding of the teaching framework in order to advance student achievement.


1. Technology Preconference (The Claw)

Sarah Teague (Russellville)

The Claw chooses who will go and who will stay. Educational technology is quickly becoming one of the most frequently used tools to facilitate engaging, 21st century learning. This presentation will confront the challenges of offering support to teachers who are in the process of making this transition.

2. Reflecting on Teaching (You’ve Got a Friend in Me)

Dustin Parsons (Bauxite) & Caitlin Harris (Russellville)

Domain 4 (Professional Responsibilities), Component a:

Join the New Leaders as we share the struggles and successes of the past year. The New Leaders will reflect over their teaching experiences and learn ways on how to continue effective reflective practices in their career.

3. Maintaining Accurate Records (Sheriff, This is No Time to Panic)

Judy Pennington (Russellville)

Domain 4 (Professional Responsibilities), Component b:

Beyond the standard organizational skills that teachers use every day, there are many kinds of documentation necessitated by TESS that may not be a part of the normal routine. This session will look closely at PGPs in order to identify methods for gather appropriate and meaningful evidence.

4. Communicating with Families (We’ve Got to Get This Wagon Train a-Movin’)

Ms. Pam Dixon & Dr. Christopher Trombly (ATU)

Domain 4 (Professional Responsibilities), Component c:

This session will address practical ways to cultivate and maintain meaningful communication with families and the community.

5. Participating in a Professional Community (I’d Like to Join Your Posse, Boys, but First I’m Gonna Sing a Little Song)

Dr. Ellen Treadway (ATU)

Domain 4 (Professional Responsibilities), Component d:

Teachers work hard to create a culture of learning in their classrooms, and part of that process is contributing to a positive culture outside of the classroom, too. With us, explore ways to engage a wider cross-section of stakeholders in your educational community.

6. Growing and Developing Professionally (Reach for the Sky)

Dustin Parsons (Bauxite) & Caitlin Harris (Russellville)

Domain 4 (Professional Responsibilities), Component e:

You’ve taken a powerful step by attending the AASCD Annual Conference this year, but how can you continue to broaden your experience, expertise, and influence?

7. Showing Professionalism (This Town IS Big Enough for the Two of Us)

Cheryl Harris (Southside--Batesville)

Domain 4 (Professional Responsibilities), Component f:

As educational professionals, we deal with a tremendous amount of pressure from various stakeholders, but we’re all working toward the same goal. In this workshop, we will discuss how to collaboratively maintain your composure and stay focused on the students.


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